Our Story

Hi there, stranger! 👋

Guess what? You are on the brink of becoming a Superior 🍾 Sounds weird, right?

But what exactly does that mean? 🤔

Well, being a superior is a lifestyle. It's about getting the value you deserve for the money it's worth. No more overpriced brands or cheap mass market clothes that carry a super high cost for both humans and the environment ⛔ 

That's how The Superiors Brand came about. As a North American brand, we wanted to introduce more quality, longevity and style to the world of fashion by finding local premium handmade apparel brands around the world, and bringing them to YOU in order to fight mass production AND help the environment.

We do NOT intend to dictate fashion trends, but we follow and understand them.

We are just a group of fashion junkies that you can trust to find the most original and quality apparel.

We intend to only work with socially responsible brands that produce sustainable apparel.

By joining us, you will help us build a better world. As part of our Superior World initiative, we plant 1 tree with proceeds from each purchase you make to help global reforestation 🌲🌲🌲

We are committed to becoming the most responsible brand in the world of fashion, and this is not just words.

So, take a leap of faith and become a Superior, and we will create history together 🤝