Product Care

• We recommend dry cleaning !!!!
• Hand or machine wash up to 30 °
• Turn garment inside out before washing.
• Spin up to 600 revolutions
• Iron / steam from the inside at medium temperatures with a lot of steam
• Avoid contact of the Maneken Brand logo with hot surfaces, if you accidentally run the iron over the logo, it will melt and deteriorate the entire product
• Dry unfolded, out of direct sunlight
• We do not recommend using powder cleaners
3-thread is afraid of hot water and high speed, if you do not adhere to our recommendations for washing, you can ruin the product, for this reason we strongly recommend using dry cleaning.
The inner pile is not treated with chemicals, you wear a 70-80% organic product, therefore:
a) when you put the product on a T-shirt (or something else under a hoodie), due to the friction of 2 materials, cotton fibers can stick to another product
b) natural cotton needs washing in order for it to thicken, as without washing, statistical adhesion occurs
After each wash, the adhesion of the pile will decrease, and will soon disappear altogether.
Don't worry, this is normal footer behavior. And this is not reflected in the quality of the fabric.
We highly recommend brushing the lint with a clothes brush to keep it tidy and free of embarrassment and use an antistatic agent to reduce sticking
We use the highest quality footer of all possible footers and as soon as the world comes up with an organic dense fabric that will hold volume just like a brushed footer, we will immediately switch to this fabric.